Tuesday, October 4, 2011

About Sokhumi!

Capital of the Abkhazia autonomous republic in Georgia, situated on the Black Sea, 340 km/211 mi northwest of Tbilisi; population (1996) 525,000. Sokhumi is a port and popular resort. Its industries include fruit canning, tobacco manufacture, and leather tanning.Sokhumi was the scene of fierce fighting after Abkhazia unilaterally declared its independence from the new state of Georgia in 1993. Separatists, aided by Russian troops, battled against Georgian government forces, resulting in an exodus of Georgians from the town.

There is a famous botanical garden in Sokhumi. The town was the site of an ancient Greek colony, then a Turkish fortress, and passed into Russian hands in 1810.
It became a popular resort. After Georgia's independence (1991) from the Soviet Union, it was the centre of a rebellion for Abkhazian independence and became the capital of the autonomous republic of Abkhazia.

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