Friday, September 16, 2011


Georgia is one of the beautiful republic in the Trans Caucasus.It"s called Georgia.

The territory of Georgia is about 70,000 square kilometers and it's population makes up 5 million people.Georgia is mainly a mountainous country.Here we have the highest parts of the Caucasus.Georgia is rich in fertile soil, The black sea coast and mountains Health resorts, medical waters, mineral resources sea, and rivers.

Tea, citrus, vines, tobacco, fruit-trees,cereals, and vegetables are grown in Georgia.The shortest sea, and land, roads of Georgia lead to many countries of the world.
Georgia is not only the country,of a magnificent nature, but also the country of the richest history and cultural past.
The first Georgian state KOlkheti- existed even in the 6 century b.c.later another state Iberia was created there Greek people called it so.

rich Kolkheti was well known in the European cultural centers of that time.The writtings of ancient Greek historians, writers, travellers, and scientists,concerning Kolkheti conform this fact.

ancient Greeks wrote about rich Kolkheti with profound respect.According to their sources people of Kolkheti extracted gold sands, from the mountain streams with special, sheepskin, called the Golden Fleece.

so there formed a legend about the golden fleece.

Everyone knows an ancient Greek legend about the Argonauts campaign in Kolkheti for the porpose of getting the golden fleece there.

The golden fleece os the symbol of eternal riches and power of my country.The original Georgian culture was created in the 4 th century B.C.The Georgians are proud of their mother language.The alphabet was created in the 3 century B.C by parnavaz the firsty king of the united Georgia.

only 14 written languages exist in the world and one of these written languages is Georgia.The Georgians received Christianity in the 4 th century.Georgia is the christian orthodox country.

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