Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Kobuleti ,is a town in Georgia's southwestern region of Ajaria. It is situated on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. Kobuleti is a sea resort, visited annually by Georgians and many former Soviet Union residents. From the 17th century into the 19th, Kobuleti was a fiefdom of the Tavdgiridze family, first under the authority of the Principality of Guria, and then of the Ottoman Empire.

Kobuleti - Hotel Kapuchino.A newly opened hotel at the seaside of Kobuleti (in the center).

A hotel is a comfortable, four-story building.

There are 17 rooms, 3 Lux (double room), a room with three beds, a room with four beds and 12 rooms with two beds in this hotels.

In each room there are also television set, bathroom, fridge, fan and water during 24 hours

This hotel has café-bar "Kapuchino” where you can have a dinner

On the second floor of the hotel there is a café-bar where you can have a breakfast and refreshments, ice-cream, coffee ”Expresso”, popcorn and drinks.A
ll guests of these three Lux will have their own dressing gowns, slippers for only one use and accessories of the bathroom (shampoo, soap, towel).

Exclusive offer: when guests are resting in this hotel they will get refreshments free of charge once a day.

In the mornings guests will be rewarded with coffee or tea (depends on their desire)!!!

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