Friday, September 16, 2011

Georgian ancient monuments!

The Georgians are proud of their ancient historical and original cultural monuments Tamples,castles, towers, churches,and monasteries, that are too many in such small country.

They represent history, spirit, power and talent, of the nation.

The Bolnisi sioni, the Svetistskhoveli, the Jvari, the Vardzia, the Gelati and many other monuments, already stand in depository of world architecture.

Georgia occupied the huge territory in the time of David the builder.Today the great part of it"s territory belongs to other countries.Georgian history is a history of Georgian people"s struggle against enemies.
The best national features of Georgian people such as:patriotism industry, , hospitality, faithfulness, knightly valour and poetical nature have been created for millenia.

Georgian women are distingushed, by their delicacy, fithfulness, and men by their courage, and respectfull attitude to women.

A Georgian person seldom leaves his native country.A Georgian has not got any other native country expect Georgia.
The Georgians are hospitality peole, There fore Georgians always been fraternal shelter for refugees who did not want to leave this teritory later.Since olden times Christians ,Moslems and Jews have been living here in a friendly way.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in our hospitable Georgia.You'll satisfied with this visit.

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