Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Tskaltubo, is a spa resort in west-central Georgia. It is located at around 42°20′23″N 42°35′57″E. It is the main town of the Tsqaltubo district of the Imereti province.The resort's focus is on balneotherapy for circulatory, nervous, musculo-skeletal, gynaecological and skin diseases, but since the 1970s its repertoire has included "speleotherapy", in which the cool dust-free environment of local caves is said to benefit pulmonary diseases.

Tsqaltubo was especially popular in the Soviet era, attracting around 125,000 visitors a year. Bathhouse 9 features a frieze of Stalin, and visitors can see the private pool where he bathed on his visits.Currently the spa receives only some 700 visitors a year, and since 1993 many of the sanitorium complexes have been devoted to housing some 9000 refugees, primarily women and children, displaced from their homes by ethnic conflict in Abkhazia.The nearest major airport to Tskaltubo, Georgia is Kopitnari Airport This airport is in Kutaisi, Georgia and is about 21 km from the center of Tskaltubo, Georgia.

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