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Sairme resort belongs to Baghdati municipality of Imereti region. The resort is located 27 kilometers south-west of the district center. Mineral water sources of Sairme are located in Khanistskali River gorge, 880-1000 meters from the sea level. The average annual temperature is +8.5 oC.

As per legend, deers and wild goats used to come from nearby forests to the resort. They used to assemble near mineral water sources. Hence, hunters named the place Sairme.
Sairme has been a famous health resort since the 19th century. The resort started functioning in the 30s of the 20th century. During this period:

Resort buildings were constructed
Composition and medical properties of mineral waters were studied
Sairme waters were bottled
Medical centers were opened

Sairme resort attracted numerous guests during the soviet period due to the distinguished medical properties of its mineral and thermal waters.
Sairme is a resort of a balneologic type, with gastroenterological and urological profile, with unique water treatment.
Sairme springs belong to carbon mineral water and are characterized with weak acidic medium (ph=6, 1-6,5) and increased content of flint acid.
Treatment with Sairme mineral waters has a good result in healing chronic diseases of kidney and urinary tract, liver and gall-bladder, pancreas and intestine.
There are three groups of Sairme waters with chemical composition:
Waters of this group belong to weak mineralization (1,4-3,0mg/dm3) of carbon hydrocarbonate, calcium-natrium, flint acid, iron mineral waters. Spring No.1 also enters this group.
Waters of this group belong to weak mineralization (3,7-4,2mg/dm3) carbon hydrocarbonate, calcium, boron flint acid, iron mineral waters. Spring No.3 also enters this group.

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  1. I live in Israel, kidneys are ill I drink this water it at us there are 4 shekels for a bottle (1 dollar) Can will help?