Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Ureki – is a small town in Ozurgeti Municipality. It is located at the coast of the Black Sea, 4 m above the sea level, to the north and to the south it is surrounded by the mouths of the rivers Sepa and Supsa and to the east it is surrounded by Tsvermagala Mount. The status of a small town was given to it in 1953. The population is 1,4 thousand (2005). There is a railway station on Samtredia-Makhijauri railway line in Ureki. The roads of international importance Batumi-Poti and Ureki-Samtredia lay there.

 Influencing Medical Factors of Resort Ureki such natural riches as sea and sand with magnetic characteristics create all essential conditions for rest and treatment. The territory is covered by longstanding firs. Positive medical factors of resort Ureki can be noticed by their possibilities to cure various diseases, and namely: • heart and blood vessel diseases • functional diseases of central nervous system • diseases of musculoskeletal system Ureki’s medical factors are used by both adult and children’s contingents.

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