Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vazha Pshavela!

Vazha-Pshavela , is the pen-name of the Georgian poet and writer Luka P. Razikashvili ,a classic of the new Georgian literature.Vazha-Pshavela was born in a small village Chargali in a family of clergyman.

He graduated from the Pedagogical Seminary in Gori 1882, where he became close to Georgian populists (narodniki).

Vazha-Pshavela started his literature activities in mid-1880s. In his works, he portrayed everyday life and psychology of his contemporary Pshavs. Vazha-Pshavela is the author of many world-class literary works - 36 epics, about 400 poems ("Aluda Ketelauri", "Bakhtrioni", "Gogotur and Apshina", "Host and Guest", "Snake eater", "Eteri", "Mindia", etc.), plays, and stories, as well as ethnographic, journalistic, and critic articles.

In his best epic compositions, Vazha-Pshavela exposed the problems of interaction between an individual and a society, a human and nature, love and duty before the nation.The poet's preferences are strong-willed people, their dignity, and zeal for freedom. The same themes are touched in the play The Rejected One (1894). Vazha-Pshavela idealized the Pshavs' old rituals, their purity, and non-degeneracy with the "false civilization"As a nature admirer, Vazha-Pshavela knows no comparison in Georgian poetry. His landscapes are full of motion and internal conflicts. The language is saturated with all the riches of his native language, and yet this is an impeccably exact literary language.
Vazha-Pshavela's compositions became available to representatives of other nationalities of the ex-USSR.
Poems and narrative stories of Vazha-Pshavela are published in more than 20 languages.

The five epic poems of Vazha-Pshavela ('Aluda Ketelauri' 'Bakhtrioni' 'Host and Guest' The avenger of the blood' 'Snake eater' is based on the principle Golden ratio, thus this poems resembles the works of Ancient and Renaissance authors.Vazha-Pshavela died in Tbilisi on July 10, 1915. Buried ibidem, in the Pantheon of the Mtatsminda Mountain. He was a representative of a National-Liberation movement of Georgia.

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